Javelot de Gabriel



“Javelot de Gabriel” – latest creation by Rainer M. Thurau

represents traditional skilled handicraft as well as perfect modern design. The unique quality of this instrument is enhanced by the original design from Swiss pearwood. Numerous delicate ebony lines stress the easthetic shape of the soundboard. The postmodern pedal box resamples angel´s wings, from the center of which the column rises like a spear.

We use high-class pearwood to give a warm tinge to the classic elegant tone of the harp. In 1996 the presentation of this concert harp “Javelot de Gabriel” at the World Harp Congress at Tacoma, USA, was a great success.

Tonal range 7. Oct. C – 0. Oct. G
Height 73,5 inches
Weight 76 lbs
Wood pearwood / maplewood
Accessories Supplied with tuning key and strong padded cover (different colours available).
Price on request
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