For all harps

Strings, Flightcases, Padded Transport Covers und Tuningkeys


ARPA-strings come in six different tensions for modern and historical pedal harps, in gut (oiled or varnished) and steel:

  • High Tension: To be used at 440 Hz and strongly built harps
  • Standard-Tension: For all Concert Harps up to 445 Hz
  • Low Tension: For tuning over 445 Hz: For old and Historical Concert Harps, up to 440 Hz (Lyon & Healy, Wurlitzer, Erard after 1900, etc.)
  • Extra low Tension: Erard-Harps and other instruments from before 1900 and historical single action pedal harps, up to 440 Hz, for badly deformed necks or soundboards
  • Super low Tension: Single and double action harps from before ca. 1850 (Special order)
  • French-Tension: Exclusively for french Louis Seize Harps (19th century) up to 440 Hz (special order)



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