My new big Zampieri is super, fantastic, beyond anything I have ever played or heard. The only comparison is to the smaller Zampieri [Domeniccino], but this big one is of course richer, stronger, smoother, like a very fine old red wine. But it is still fresh – I will be fascinated to watch it mature. THANK YOU!!! This harp really is another dimension. Small Zampieri was better than any other harp in the world, but the big one is from another planet!
Dr. Andrew Lawrence-King, Professor for Early Harp, GUERNSEY


I’m enjoying playing the harp [ Domenichino ] . I like the sound very much indeed. The tuning has settled down very well, the basses sound spectacular and everything is very satisfactory. I’m enjoying playing it, and I’ll tell you more, after a few more concerts.
Dr. Andrew Lawrence-King, Professor for Early Harp, GUERNSEY


I’m enjoying your Bologna triple I just used for Orfeo by Monteverdi. I could play the solo with a loud organ with principal register and a lirone without having to force the sound! Such a pleasure!
Nicolas Achten, ‚Scherzi Musicali’ Brüssel / BELGIEN


The Zampieri is wonderful, the sound is so beautiful I don’t want to stop playing long enough to re-tune or replace strings.  The contrast between this harp and the used triple I’ve been playing the last four years is huge–all the pieces I’ve been working on sound new again…I’m inspired to practice hard to be worthy of this magnificent instrument…
After the strings settle down, I’ll invite Laura Zaerr, the director of the harp program at Univ. of Oregon, to come and try the Zampieri.  I may let her use the harp in a baroque music performance here in Portland later this autumn.
Dianne Ensign, Portland / USA


I wish to express my gratitude for the harp you’ve made for our ensemble. Here is the video of one of my first performances on your harp:
Anna Toncheva, Moscow State Philharmony, Ensemble “Madrigal” , Moscow / RUSSLAND


I wanted to write first of all to let you know that my Zampieri harp is sounding as fantastic as ever.  The sound is everything a 17th century harp should be to my ear: bright, clear, yet it also has depth.  The spacing and feel are very comfortable, and the amount of sound it produces is fantastic.  I also got a call from a woman in Portland who told me ordered one and it just arrived.  (She had called to talk to me about the harp a year ago.  Looks like I convinced her to go for it!)  Glad to see there are now 2 Zampieris on the west coast!
Margaret E. Cohen, San Francisco / USA


You have build a wonderful Welsh Tripleharp for me to play the Haendel concerto with Anima Eterna.
I have received many compliments for the instrument by the audience and orchestra musicians.
It is a joy to play Haendel on this authentic and beautiful instrument.
Also I wish to thank you for your restoration works on my Erard double and single action harps,
they function very well now and have a marvellous sound.
Marjan de Haer / NETHERLANDS


I’m already very happy with my triple harp Cellini – and with my Triple Harp Student Baroque. So the Spanish harp Torre now promises double happiness! Thank you for this beautiful harp which also sounds very nice! I received it today in good condition and I already have fun in discovering the sounds!
Sandrine Maufroy, La Garenne-Colombes / FRANCE


Dear  Mr. Thurau, I  am  very  glad  to  inform  you  on my harp  arrival. I  played  it  immediately and  I  was  very  happy   to  find  that  your  work has  been  accurate  and  really  good.  I am  really grateful to you  for  recovery  this  instrument  which  is  to  me  so  beloved. This  harp  has belonged  to  Maria  Grossi, a  famous  Italian  harp  teacher , who  was  my teacher  in  Florence  many  years  ago The sound of this harp, that you restored the soundboard so well, was greatly appreciated during my career from many famous directors such us Bernstein, Celibidaque, Pretre and Abbado. I  have  an  other  old  harp, an 1913 Erard ,  that  I would  like to repair specially on the mechanical point of view.   With  my  best  greetings, your  sincerely
Lydia  Borri- Mottola, RAI Symphony Orchestra, Milano / ITALY


The Arpa Doppia Monteverdi has met my expectations and I have great pleasure performing with it.
Anthony Maydwell, Sydney / AUSTRALIA


I am always thrilled by the tone. So clean, so clear, so transparent and in the same time so warm. I can play this harp loud. Thank you!.
Gudrun Wilde-Weickert, Castrop-Rauxel / GERMANY
Thank you very much, we received the harp on time and it has been played immediately last Thursday. The instrument did not only please, but also found great recognition. Due to Erard and to your work. [Note: We reconstructed the broken soundboard]
Prof. Dr. Dr.h.c. Otto Biba, Gesellschaft der Musikfreunde, Vienna / AUSTRIA
I love the harp. The sound is so beautiful. The bass is so clear and I thank you for putting the special strings on. I really love the spacing as well. It suits my playing. The flight case in fantastic.
Thank you so much again.
Alex Cronin, North Turramurra / AUSTRALIEN
Today the Viaggio arrived! It sounds wonderful, so clear and ‘wide’ at the same time. I’ll probably have a long way to go before honoring this beautiful harp to the full. I start playing it eyes closed what makes the experience of the sound even more overwhelming. Thank you for the good care.
Esther Mirjam Griffioen, Baden / GERMANY
The harp is beautiful and well exceeds my expectations!! Thank you for the exceptional instrument, well worth the wait. I am truly pleased and know I made the right choice with your harp!!  Well done Sir. 
Theresa McCalley, Parkville / USA
I want to thank you for your successful contribution to the Mozart Symposium. Additional the concert with your harp was the highlight of the whole week. Meanwhile, I had one week to concentrate on the repaired Lyon & Healy harp. Here, too, I like to express my greatest admiration. The harp is – just like you told me – again fully operational.
Prof. Helga Storck, Munich / GERMANY
Thank you so much for the prompt and timely finishing of my Galilei, I love it already. It’s sound is big and carrying, the balance excellent and even (the highest notes are beautifully bell-like), the playing easy and a true delight. Thanks also for the wonderful service in Wiesbaden, the pick-up from the airport, everything in your workshop, etc. Your harp will open new doors musically, especially so much repertoire. I will love playing your instrument with the Boston Camerata very soon.
Barbara Poeschl-Edrich, Handel & Haydn Society & Boston University. Boston / USA
“The welsh tripel harp has proved to be very successful! Tuning keeps very well, in a large ensemble it can still be heart very good. Many have approached me, that the harp sounds wonderful. I am very satisfied and happy.”
Johanna Seitz, GERMANY
“The harp has arrived and it looks and sounds gorgeous. The sound is clear and bright yet it has a richness and volume I have not heard in other italian triples.”
Margaret Cohen, Palo Alto – California / USA
“The harp is as you promised – a very fine harp with a beautiful, sweet tone. The rosettes are beautiful.I am enjoying playing your harp.”
Anthony Maydwell, North Perth / AUSTRALIA
“I am absolutely fascinated by the beautiful figure of the harp! It’s a great artwork. And the sound of this harp is as I wanted it! The sound is noble and warm. The basses are rich. I love this harp very very much! I send my most sincere thanks for you!”
Miki Bundo, Tokyo / JAPAN
Thank you very much for doing such a fantastic job of making a new soundboard for my Lyon & Healy Style 12. It looks absolutely beautiful with the subtle guilding and, in addition, you succeeded in matching the color of the old wood perfectly. The regulation is also excellent especially considering the age of the instrument. It also sounds much better with the historically correct string tension that you calculated for the harp. All in all, the instrument is in much better condition than it has ever been since I have owned it. It is a joy to look at and to play. Wishing you all the best,
Judy Kadar, Berlin / GERMANY
“As you probably noticed today, I was overjoyed because you made this beautiful harp for me. (And I still am.) Thank you very much for making this amazing instrument.”
Mora De Groote, Knokke / BELGIEN
The harp you made for me is a unique piece of art. The fully art deco design with a marvelous table and painting in the same style is very nice. Everything on the harp is made with great attention to every little detail. The sound of the harp is very great, warm en full for the lower tones, sparkling and clear for the upper tones. The harp plays very easy without great effort. It is a real pleasure to play this harp. Thanks a lot for this beautiful harp.
Carmen Dekien, Antwerpen / BELGIUM
“I compared the new Arpa Doppia with my Arpa Da Viaggio. Two absolutely different aestetics of sound with the same great quality of work and tone. You did brilliantly (as always). After some hours I even managed to deal with completely new type of playing. I love the tone and it looks gorgeous. Great job!”
Katerina Antonenko, Moskow / RUSSIA
The harp arrived. It is wonderful and exceeded all our wildest expectations! It is simply perfect for us. Thank you and congratulations for your work!
Martin Gubler, Liestal / SWITZERLAND
“Thanks a lot for your good work at the harp of the music school Fulda. My students and me are very happy to have the harp back and we think the harp sound like being new!”
Elisabeth Schwarz, Musikschule Fulda / GERMANY
“Ich habe die (neue) Harfe gespielt und bin sehr glücklich über ihren bezaubernden Klang”.
Victor Blanco López (“Grupo des Música Antiga 1500 ), Ferrol (La Coruña) / SPAIN
I’m travelling a lot with my Cellini – together we open many hearts. This harp is something special and I feel absolutely comfortable with it. I’m very grateful you made this harp for me. I’m looking forward to the new small special Triple Harp for traveling you are making for me.
Arianna Savall, Bellaterra, Barcelona/ SPAIN
I am really very very pleased with the new Welsh Triple Harp, considering it’s new and never played. I find the sound especially medium low register is extremely mellow and sweet , exactly how an english sound should be in my imagination.
Mara Galassi, Milano / ITALY
Thank you so much for my new magnificent harp and for bringing it to Freising together with yet another superb Cellini. I think that the reaction of the public on the concert that I’ve played there was loud and clear: They all loved them and many people came afterwards to ask who this Mr. Thurau was, inspite of the presence of all other harpmakers. Your craftmanship is essential to me. Without your beautiful instruments, I could never express myself the way I can do now. Thank you for making them and for your endless patience and support.
Hannelore De Vaere, Brugge / BELGIUM
“My new Cellini is fantastic, I can play any expression I like. This instrument is giving me a lot of ideas and fantasy. The sound is amazing, people are very surprised about the incredible lovely sound, its acoustical beauty made quite an impression even on Rene Jacobs (I have been playing ‘Orfeo’ with him). I also never have any problems with any kind of concert hall: every note from the base to the treble carries very well and clear. I’m very happy that I have a small baroque harp now but with the power of a big harp. I travel a lot between Tokyo and Europe. So, believe it or not, I like to order a second Cellini to keep one in Japan and one in Switzerland, so I avoid a lot of trouble by traveling with airlines. Thank you again for this great instrument. I’m so happy with this harp as with all the other harps you made for me. But especially I like to express my enthusiastic feelings about the Cellini as to be a miracle instrument – I’m proud to purchase it.”
Marie Nishiyama, Tokyo / Japan and Basel / SWITZERLAND
Also my second Cellini is very fine. It arrived in Japan without problems. The sound is amazing,.it’s incredible that it already sounds that great even just new. Balance is perfect as well! A lot of people were very surprised about the beauty of the sound.
Marie Nishiyama, Tokyo / JAPAN
“The harp is a very well-made, excellent instrument. My warmest thanks also for the good cooperation.”
Professor Johannes Degen, Züricher Hochschule der Künste, SWITZERLAND
“Both harps sound very good, we all are very happy. I am also still very happy with the Spanish harp.”
Marie Bournisien, Viroflay / FRANCEHarp teacher at the College of Art Zurich / SWITZERLAND
“I have to say that you did a great job at my concertharp. Even the semitone mechanism is now better than the original ever has been. Thank you also for the cosmetic corrections you did. Thank you again for this great repair.”
Volker Kempf, Harpist of the Vienna Symphony Orchestra, Vienna / AUSTRIA
“The harp has had its debut in Madison, Wisconsin at the Madison Early Music Festival’s first concert of the week. It was received with great enthusiasm. One of the directors of Piffaro (the Renaissance ensemble) said that the “sound of the harp” moved her to tears! So feel happy, you have made a good harp and more people than just the director heard it (also audience members) and commented on the sound of it. I will play it again at the end of the week with another group and I’m sure it will be well received again. Complimenti!”
Christa Patton, Stony Point – N.Y. / USA
“I can hardly believe it…the harp is so wonderful. I like to thank for the beauty of the harp and its great tonal quality. Lots of thanks.”
Muriel Boisnon, Bruxelles / BELGIUM
“I have a lot of fun with the new harp!! She has an ideal sound for accompany singing.”
Anna Studer, Billingen /SWITZERLAND
“Visitors are very pleased by the harp, also the ‘ Musica’ impulse center for music, is very content. The instrument has a full, warm tone and is beautifully worked. We are very content with the instrument. If you ever come upon Belgian Limburg, we hope to welcome you once our museum of musical instruments. I would like to thank you for your efforts.”
Museum voor Musziekinstrumenten Neerpelt / BELGIUM (Curator of museum Carine Rinkes)
“You are really the best harpmaker in the world. Most triple harps I have heared have no sound and false harmonics. My all russian baroque orchestra sends you the biggest respects! The orchestra “Pratum Integrum”are your fans!
The Arpa Da Viaggio has been presented already at a concert – I have been playing continuo for some pieces for lute and gamba and couple of tunes as leading. Has been going great. Everybody was amazed – the harp has been well recognised between two gambas, three violins, two lutes, flutes and double-bass!! The harp behaved well and – thanks to your wonderful feeling for acoustic – amazingly covered the music hall.
Thank you for you existence and for doing such pleasant craftwork!”
Katherina Antonenko Moskow / RUSSIA
I would like to thank you for your competent restoration of my old Erard harp. Your fun in doing your job as well as in painstaking work, which can easily be recognized, is giving the feeling to me that my harp is in the right hands with you. Additionaly, if it has been urgent regarding my concert harp you have been working overtime – a great service!
Ekatherina Preu, Hamburg / GERMANY
“The Cellini ist even more beautiful than I did imagine. I already discovered many different wonderful colours of sound and I feel, that the harp will soon sound even more beautiful. Thousand times: Thank you!”
Sandrine Maufroy, Paris / FRANCE
“The Welsh Triple Harp has a wonderful sound and is a beautiful instrument. I find it very inspiring to play such a wonderful harp! I very much enjoy playing it. I consider myself very fortunate to have a harp made by you! Thank you very much! I’m so happy with my new harp! Thank you so very much.”
Betty Nelson, Sacramento / USA
“The sound and the mechanism are very good. Thanks a lot for the good job you did: this harp is great!”
Olga Mazzia (Harpist of the Teatro alla Scala Milano), Milano / ITALY
“The Cellini has done its first concert with Bravour. The sound has been progressing wonderful and I am always thrilled by the ability of tonal carrying and the quality of the sound.”
Thomas Zapf (Capella Antiqua Bambergensis), Spardorf / GERMANY
The harp is so beautiful ! Mille merci !
Anne Peraldi, Conservatory of Tours / FRANCE
I am honored to play the harps of such a master harp maker. The harps you make are juwels! Thank you for making one of the greatest triple harps in the world for me!! I was immediately struck by its majesty. Within 30 seconds I could feel under my fingers and through the wood the greatness of this harp. It is quite a bit bigger than my old Basset Jones, but much lighter and louder. Thank you again for creating such a magnificant, beautiful harp.
Cheryl Ann Fulton, Oakland / USA
“The Cellini makes me happy. It is really magnificent. I like playing it very much at this Saturday. I am enjoying a baroque class and I have played several other triple harps. Still the Cellini is the most warm and present and brilliant.”
Marjan de Haer, Oosterbeek / NETHERLANDS
“I am extremely satisfied with the instrument and I like very much to play it. Your craftsmanship is perfect as usual. The sound is very sonorous, clear in the treble and especially very useful also for orchestras. The harp keeps in tune very well, she is still to hear in big ensembles, many people told me that it sounds wonderful. Thanks a lot!”
Johanna Seitz, Wuppertal / GERMANY
“Everything in perfect condition, marvelous and breath-taking beautiful as one expects this from the great Zen Master of Harpmaker, with one word: a masterpiece! I congratulate you a thousand times to this culmination of your art of making lyres. It is really a magical object, and everybody who heard/saw it has been bewitched. You should be proud, and, exactly as I am, also absolutely happy! I am much obliged ! Yours Ben Bagby”
Benjamin Bagby, (Ensemble SEQUENTIA) Paris/FRANCE
You packed the harp so well, thank you. At first I saw the harp case which is really handsome. I like the leather handles and bright red lining. Then I opened it and couldn’t believe my eyes. The decorative inlay woodwork on the column is exquisite! Then I pulled out the harp and was just totally amazed by the extremely high quality of craftsmanship of this harp. It is very fine. The smooth sheen of the varnish, the shape, the detail, I am awed by the beauty of this harp! I especially love the colour and the interesting patterns in the wood, knotholes and natural markings that give it such character. I had heard your instruments were beautiful, and I now know this is true. Then I began to tune it (very nice tuning keys!). The upper range is so nice! It’s incredibly bright and responsive. It has a wide dynamic range and will project well on concerts. The mid and lower octaves are very sweet also! I spent three hours just playing it, and already I am feeling confident with the double rows.I’m very happy with the harp. It is just what I wanted. It is exquisitely made. It is chromatic and wonderful to play. I’m very pleased.”
Nancy Hurrell, Harpist in RENAISSONICS, Boston / USA
I noticed, that the quality of your harps obviously is presently by far unrivalled by any other maker of harps.
Carsten Lohff, Cremona, Italy
The instrument sounds wonderful. Thank you for this marvelous harp.
Benjamin Bagby, Paris / France
The new instrument is unbelievably beautiful and has been presented at several concerts meanwhile. I just like to thank you in dealing with wood and sound that excellent.
Benjamin Bagby, Paris / FRANCE
The harp is truly excellent in every way, the sound, the quality of the workmanship and the beauty of it. I It”s a pleasure to work with you, you always responds promptly and you are very reliable.
Constance Whiteside, Sacramento, California / USA
The harp is fine, always with a fantastic sound. It is a real pleasure to work with an instrument like this. Thank you for everything and espicially for this wonderul concert harp.
Cécile Marichal, BELGIUM
Ich habe viel Freude mit der Harfe sie ist überwältigend schön in ihrem Klang.
Doris Schmidt-Kraepelin, Sulzhof / GERMANY
“Die Bässe tönen warm und weich, die kristallklaren Melodiesaiten lassen eine Zauberwelt von Obertönen erklingen. Je länger ich Ihre Harfe spiele, desto tiefer dringe ich in die Geheimnisse des Instrumentes ein: erkenne die verschiedenen Klangfarben, je nach Anschlagstelle auf der Saite; genieße die Klangfülle und Wärme, den schlanken und doch tragfähigen Ton. Je entspannter ich in die Saiten greife, desto schöner klingen sie. Mehr Lautstärke erreicht man nicht durch ein Mehr an Kraft; schnelle Läufe fließen leichter, wenn man die Saiten locker anschlägt. Die “Arpa Doppia” aus der ” Thurau-Harfenmanufaktur” ist eine noble Dame, eine Königin der Harfen, a “Queen’s Harpe”, die den, der lange genug um sie buhlt, mit einem reichen Klangzauber beschenkt. Einmal verführt wird man ihr schnell hörig. So müßte der Titel des Märchens eigentlich lauten “Von der Bezwingung des Harfners”.
Tom Daun, Solingen / GERMANY
CD: “The Queen”s Harp / Harp: Arpa Doppia MONTEVERDI made by Thurau-Harfenmanufaktur
CD available at
“Als ich mit Ihnen über meine Vorstellungen bezüglich der Klangcharakteristik einer Keltischen Harfe sprach, hatten Sie mich zunächst mit Ihrem Fachwissen überzeugt. Als ich meine neue Harfe im September 2003 übernahm war ich vom ersten Tag an begeistert. Es war eine traumhafte Verbindung aus der warmen Klangfülle die man von Darmsaiten kennt und einem “silbernen Glockenklang” der an die alten irischen Harfen erinnert.Für mich, als Erzähler keltischer Legenden, ist das die perfekte Kombination. Darüber hinaus prägen die sehr geschmackvollen, gestalterischen Details den individuellen Charakter des Instruments. Meine Vorstellung wurde bei weitem übertroffen und ich wurde ein zweites Mal überzeugt. Nach über einem Jahr mit Ihrer Harfe auf der Bühne bin ich aber nicht nur von Klangqualität und Optik begeistert, sondern auch von den angenehmen technischen Eigenschaften. Das Instrument liegt federleicht auf der Schulter und hat einen sicheren Stand. Die Halbtonklappen sind exakt justiert und solide verarbeitet. Es ist wirklich ein Traum auf einer solchen Harfe zu spielen! Abschließend ist noch anzumerken, das ich mich von Ihnen auch nach der Übernahme des Instruments zuverlässig und kompetent betreut fühle. Dieses Engagement ist alles andere als selbstverständlich, und ich sage deswegen nochmals herzlichen Dank.”
Peter Wucherpfennig, Mühltal / GERMANY
“Last week I received my Triple Harp model Bologna and since this moment I can”t stop playing it ! You did marvelous work: The sound is a dream and your handicraft is of the highest quality I ever have seen at any historical harp. Can”t really find the right words for all my great feelings about this wonderful instrument. I just can tell you a hundred times : Thank you”
Olivia Lhasa Torroja, Buenos Aires / ARGENTINIA
Die Harfe der Brandenburger Symphoniker haben Sie meisterlich repariert. Auch Ihren hervorragenden Service und Ihre freundliche Beratung habe ich schätzen gelernt.
Kathrin Jäger, Harfenistin der Brandenburger Symphoniker, Berlin / GERMANY
Ich danke Ihnen, dass Sie meine Harfe so toll repariert haben. Als ich vom Landesjugendorchester zurückkam und mir die Reparatur anschauen wollte suchte ich vergeblich. Mit solch´ einem guten Ergebnis habe ich wirklich nicht gerecht. Nochmals vielen Dank!
Christine Fraisl, Mannheim / GERMANY
Sie haben sich seit Jahren große Verdienst um die Harfe erworben und sich in internationalen Fachkreisen einen Namen gemacht. Ihre Konzertharfen sind wunderschön und wohlklingend und Ihre Restaurierungen und Reparaturen zeugen von absolut fachmännischem Können. Ich wünsche Ihnen, dass Sie auch in Deutschland entsprechende Anerkennung finden.
Prof. Ursula Lendrodt, (Ehem. Harfenistin d. Bayerischen RF-Orchester), Traunstein / Germany
Die neue Harfendecke für meine Lyon&Healy Harfe ist ganz toll!
Sabine Scheybal, (ehem. Harfenistin des Theaters an der Wien), Wien / AUSTRIA
Ich danke Ihnen für die schnelle Erledigung dieses Auftrags und darf Ihnen zu der hervorragenden Arbeit gratulieren.
Dr. Christian Väterlein, Leiter des Landesmuseum Baden-Württemberg, Stuttgart / GERMANY
Many thanks for a most wonderful instrument.
Kate Dineen & Crawford Young, Basel / SWITZERLAND
I’m singer, harpsichord and lute player, friend and collegue of Hannelore Devaere. I played a concert yesterday with her where she used the new harp you made for her. I was realy impressed by the sound quality of the instrument and its presence (really loud and warm!). I would like to buy one harp of your line of Student Baroque harps.
Niklas Achten, Brussels / BELGIUM
The Harp sounds very good! I will enjoy playing my Cellini. Thank you for all your work. I’m very happy!! Thank you so much!!!
Miwa Washizaki, Tokyo / JAPAN
Mit beiden Harfen (CELLINI & TORRE) bin ich sehr zufrieden, beide sind sehr bequem zu spielen und auch absolut durchsetzungsfähig selbst in größeren Ensembles, mit sehr tragfähigem Ton. Besonders die spanische ist mir sehr ans Herz gewachsen, ich möchte mich noch mal ausdrücklich bei Ihnen für dieses Prachtinstrument bedanken! Ich bekomme auch nach fast jedem Konzert Komplimente für die jeweilige Harfe – die gebe ich Ihnen hiermit gerne weiter!
Reinhild Waldeck, Wien / AUSTRIA
I wanted to tell you I am very pleased with my harp, it has got a strong a beautiful sound and it is very agreeable to play. All the teachers in my music school liked it, they were surprised by the beauty of the sound.
Claire Piganiol, FRANCE
“Mit dieser Email möchte ich Ihnen für Ihre hervorragende Arbeit danken. Ich freue mich über mein neues Instrument. Ich danke Ihnen ebenfalls für die unkomplizierte Abwicklung und den zügigen Versand. Ich werde Sie auf jeden Fall weiterempfehlen und hoffe, dass Thurau-Harfen zu einer festen Größe in Japan werden!”
Misako Takano, Tokyo / JAPAN
The harp has a beautiful sound. Is is wonderful. I am very happy. Thank you very much.
Kumiko Watanabe (Künstlername: Marina Yamamura) Tokyo / JAPAN
I have played my “new” Érard and I am very satisfied with your restoration work. I imagine that you would like to know that Mr. Edward Witsenburg has been in Barcelona last week, and he asked for an Érard to play. Of course it has been “our” Érard he has used to play the concert and to give a conference about Händel’s concerto. All harpists in Barcelona now know your work on my Érard, and all of them had admired it. And, of couse, Mr. Witsenburg too. Besides, it has been interesting for me to hear my harp from the audience side, and I realize that it has been a good decision to have asked you to restore it.
Carmen Ubach Dorca, Barcelona / SPAIN
I’m very happy with my new Triple Harp Cellini – thank you!
Marshall McGuire, Waterloo / AUSTRALIA
Es ist eine Wohltat, wenn man nicht für jede Tonart neu stimmen muß! Und wenn man die Pedalgeräusche an vielen Stellen nicht mehr hört – das ist sogar meiner Duo-Partnerin sofort aufgefallen und das Beste – sie klingt wesentlich voller und in den Höhen noch klarer – das ist einigen Zuhörern aufgefallen, die mich vorher auch schon öfters gehört hatten! Ich bin total zufrieden mit Ihrer Arbeit und freue mich über die beste Camac-Harfe der Welt!
Anne Kox-Schindelin, Germany
The Harp sounds very good! I will enjoy playing my Cellini. Thank you for all your work. I’m very happy!! Thank you so much!!!
Miwa Washizaki, Tokyo / JAPAN
Just a few words to tell you how happy I am with my new Cellini Harp. I appreciate day after day the quality of your instrument. Especially I enjoy the sonority which is exceptional, loud, clear and warm. Furthermore, my harp is so pleasant for looking at that sometimes it is not necessary to play but just be happy about it.
Matgorzata Stankiewicz-Verhoeven, Bruxelles / BELGIUM
The sound of the instrument is fantastic. The sound of the high notes is brillant and perfect. I am very glad with this harp. Congratulations! Is a very beautiful instrument!
Manuel Vilas Rodriguez, Santiago de Compostela / SPAIN
“I trust totally in your technical, highly-qualified competence. Your very high reputation speaks for your workshop. Already ten years ago you obtained an outstanding result at my harp, which astonished musicians as well as other harp maker very much. Which was understandable and justified.”
Elisabeth Bellm, GERMANY
I sang with my new harp last night and oh my God! the blend of sounds- harp and my voice! most satisfying. This is a perfect match for me! I am glad that I trusted your judgement. I love her! This harp is causing quite a stir in my part of the woods! The cases are wonderful as well… perfect for my needs.
Linda Berthelsen, Sugar Land, Texas / USA
The harp is extremely resonant for such a small soundbox, much louder than expected, and it has such a beautiful tone. This is certainly a very special harp, well worth the wait. Thank you so much for such a wonderful instrument.
S. Marget MacLeod Silberstein, Marlborough, MA / USA
“Your Zampieri triple harp is a beautifully made yet sturdy instrument with each note more inspiring to the ear than the last. It has real personality in every register with a large but complex timbre rich in over tones with a sound that is what I percieve to be that of the harp of Italy in the 17th century. The string spacing and tension is very comfortable and I find passages that were difficult on other instruments can be played without extra effort on the Zampieri. It adds lots of sound to the usual 17th century continuo band and also makes a wonderful solo instrument. I can’t recommend the Zampieri enough.”
Christa Patton, New York City / USA
Dear Mr. Thurau, I like to express my enthusiasm for our new concert harp model Art Deco”. Acoustically the harp unites a beautiful warmth of the tone with an extraordinary brilliance and particularly with a such volume of sound, which has been noticed immediately and positive by colleague in the orchestra as well as various conductors. Particularly I estimate the balance of the sound which possesses a remarkable clarity in the deepest basses and in the highest treble. Additionally to its splendid acoustic qualities the harp is also optical an eye pasture. Everything is made painstakingly and affectionately into smallest details and shows a high level of your manufacture relating to crafts. As well this instrument also obtains the important feeling to me as harpist that I always can rely on this instrument. In all aspects this harp is a successful instrument for which I thank you cordially also in the name of the orchestra.
Stephanie Zimmer (Harfenistin der Rheinischen Staatsphilharmonie Koblenz, November 2003), Koblenz / GERMANY
” I just like to explain how great the Welsh Triple Harp is you made for me. The sound is a amazing miracle and the shape of the harp very beautiful. If I decide to buy another harp it has to be made by you. I don”t know a bigger compliment I can make for your work.”
Dagmar Flemming, Berlin / Germany
It is a beautiful instrument which has a tone which becomes more beautiful every week it is played. Today I had my first lesson since Cheryl returned from Switzerland, and we were both exclaiming over the way in which the tone has become more beautiful since she last heard it.The two harps that I have both have very pretty tone quality, but the more time I spend with yours, the more I come to understand that I have the privilege of playing a most remarkable instrument that is in every way the equal of fine 18th century bowed string instruments I have played– i.e., your harp has the comparable qualities of elegantly bright clarity combined with rich overtones. I had always enjoyed listening to others play your instruments– the joy of being able to experience the sound so close to my ears when I play is inexpressable!
Theresa Bailey, Mountain View, California / USA
Your instruments are a lasting source of inspiration. The different colours of sound and large tone of my instruments enables emerging wonderful dispositions of large intensity. Sincere thanks for these instruments. Without them I certainly would not be able to exercise my occupation.
Michael Dollendorf, Berlin / GERMANY
The CELLINI arrived in perfect condition in Japan. It sounds so bright. String spacing is also comfortable. Thank you very much for your excellent work.
Megumi Mano, Tokyo / JAPAN
“The harp is fantastic! Thank you for this wonderful instrument.”
Tesuro Hanai, Tokyo / JAPAN


“The harp is wonderful and has been tried out by Andrew Lawrence-King, who liked the sound very much. It will make its debut in a production of the Spanish opera, La Purpura de la Rosa in February and March, directed by Andrew Lawrence-King. The sound is wonderfully resonant and crystal clear, and it is also the most elegant Baroque harp I have ever seen. As you know, I fell in love with it instantly! I am enormously happy with the harp, it’s perfect.”
I am very happy with my new harp. Its very nice and very comfortable. I love playing my “Cellini”.
Eva Rivera Fraga, Paris / France
“The harp is wonderful., words fail me to express my joy.Its simply looking noble, sounds well-balanced and beautiful. I thank you for this fine instrument.”
Maria Lichtschlag, Windach / GERMANY
I’m very satified with the sound of my harp. Warmest thanks!
Jutta Haaf (Ensemble ‘Freiburger Spielleyt’), Müllheim / Germany
The harp is simply fantastic!
Dr. Hermann Buchner, Castle Stoitzendorf, Eggenburg / AUSTRIA
Warmest thanks for making me such a magnificent instrument!
Christina Pluhar, Paris / France
Thank you very much for this beautiful piece of work. Despite the money I gave for it, it is a valuable gift – the love you built into it is beyond any price.
Riccardo Delfino, Stuttgart / GERMANY
“I ask you to continue your work as long as possible to produce much more of those concertharps.”
Melanie Kratky, München / GERMANY
…Ihre Freude an Ihrem Beruf und an der genauen Arbeit, die Sie erkennen lassen, vermittelt mir das Gefühl, dass meine Instrumente bei Ihnen in den richtigen Händen sind….
Ekaterina Preu, Hamburg / GERMANY
In my opinion you embody the best traditions of german crafts: thoroughness, high professionality and absolute seriosity.
Vibeke Franck, Denmark
In my opinion you embody the best traditions of german crafts: thoroughness, high professionality and absolute seriosity.
Vibeke Franck, Sinfonieorchester Helsingborg, Königlichen Oper von Kopenhagen / DENMARK
Since 1989 when I got in touch with your workshop first time, I always have been very satisfied with your work both in restoration of my old Erard-harp as well as your services at my personal Lyon-Healy and the Lyon-Healy harp of the Symfoniorkester.
Birgit Poulsen, Harpist of the Symfoniorkester, DENMARK
I like to thank you for your great work.
Birgit Poulsen, Harpist of the Odense Symphonic Orchestra, Odense / DENMARK
Ich nehme die große Überholung an meiner Löffler-Harfe zum Anlaß, Dir endlich einmal für Deine jahrelange, zuverlässige Arbeit an meinen Harfen zu danken….
Stephanie Zimmer, Solo-Harfenistin des Staatsorchesters Rheinische Philharmonie, Koblenz / GERMANY
After my Naderman-harp is back for some time I would like to express my honest thanks. I’m happy that I have had confidence to you and will recommend your workshop to other harpists.
Monika Wischnowski, Solo-Harpist of the Bochumer SymphonikerTeacher at the Folkwang-Musikschule Essen / GERMANY
Ihre alamannischen Leiern, die romanische und die gotische Harfe sind eine dauernde Quelle der Inspiration. Die farbigen Klänge und der große Ton der Instrumente lassen wunderbare Stimmungen von großer Intensität entstehen. … Herzlichen Dank für diese Instrumente. Ohne sie könnte ich meinen Beruf wohl nicht ausüben.
Michael Dollendorf, Berlin / GERMANY
…thanks to your “tender, loving care” functions smoothly. It is good that you are here for us….
Blanche Birdsong, Lahnstein / GERMANY
…Dein Handwerk verstehst Du meisterlich perfekt und dies mit einem hohen Maß an Ästhetik mit dem absoluten Hang zur Perfektion in allen Belangen!…
Dipl.-Ing. Architekt Hans-Jörg Jacobi, Architekt der Stadt Mainz und Harfenist, Mainz / GERMANY
Herr Thurau hat sich seit Übernahme der alteingesessenen Firma Löffler vor acht Jahren mit sehr viel Engagement und Sachkenntnis meiner Harfen angenommen. Ich bin sehr froh, dass diese hervorragende Werkstatt in ihm einen Nachfolger gefunden hat, der Kontinuität zum Bestehenden gewahrt hat, gleichermaßen aber auch im Weiterentwickeln und Verbessern der Instrumente seine Aufgabe sieht. Auf eine weitere gute Zusammenarbeit!
Erika Schmeißer, Harfenistin der Stuttgarter Philharmoniker, Stuttgart / GERMANY
Herr Rainer Thurau ist ein Harfenbauer wie man ihn sich wünscht. Sei es Neubau, Restaurierung oder Reparatur – alles ist mit ungeheurer Akkuratesse und wohl überlegt gefertigt. Auch die Wartung der Instrumente ist erstklassig und zuverlässig. Alles in allem verrät seine Arbeit eine ausgesprochene Liebe zum Beruf. Ich kann den Harfenbauer Rainer Thurau nur wärmstens empfehlen.
Lieselotte Potuloff-Schad, Harfenistin am Sinfonieorchester Wuppertal , Wuppertal / Germany
The harp is beautiful to look at, and it has received much admiration from everyone who’s seen it. However it is also capable of a richness and depth of tone that I haven’t heard in any other medieval harps I’ve tried. I’ve only scratched the surface of what the harp is capable of, but I do feel that owning such an instrument opens up possibilities to me that I would otherwise have.
Anthony Kosky, USA
I am writing to let you know how pleased I am with the new harp. I received several favorable comments on both the sound and the appearance of the instrument. I am delighted with the sound and feel of the instrument Thank you for making such a satisfying instrument.
Ron Cook, Worthington, Ohio / USA
I thank you so much for this great repair of my concert harp. I never expected such a great result since I knew the problematical damage of my instrument!
Christina Fraisl, Mannheim / GERMANY
We are very happy, that you continued to produce the Löffler-Concert harps. Your experiences and your fine workmanship will guarantee harpists to receive first class concertharps.
Vera Munkel-Remann, Member of the board of the Society of German Harpists. e.V., Cologne / GERMANY
“I just got the Cellini and it is beautiful aesthetically. But it sounds even more beautiful beyond description. My apartment has carpet in the rooms, and I can *still* feel the vibration on the floor underneath the carpet from the lower strings. Thank you Rainer, it has been worth the wait. None of my other instruments sound remotely close to what this harp can achieve: It is better than all four of my harpsichords, two clavichords and the portativ combined! I have never been so excited about an instrument before….”
Vincent Ho, Oakland / USA
I like to congratulate you for your outstanding work. Thank you very much!
Dr. Christian Väterlein, Director of the Württembergisches Landesmuseum Stuttgart / GERMANY
I have a lot of joy with your instrument. Warmest thanks!
Verena Quiel, Reutlingen / GERMANY
Your harp sounds marvelous and has variety of tonal colours. It”s a very charming instrument!
Meryl Browster, Perth / AUSTRALIA
A lot of thanks for this wonderful harp. As well the harpist Francoise Johannel was very pleased with it.
Jorinde Reznikoff, Paris / FRANCE
I m completely inspired of my new harp.
Marita Hammer, Cologne / GERMANY
I”m thrilled with my harp, the sound is amazing.
Anja Heinz, Immenstadt / GERMANY
Thank’s again for your patience. Your advice was very helpful and the harp you made for my wife is simply brilliant. She is very happy.
Franco Bagacina, Rome / ITALY
I’m happy to discover your workshop. It’s a real joy to play the harp.
Gerard Collinot, Boulogne / FRANCE
My new harp is not only an instrument of great beauty and perfect tone, but requires very little effort in playing. I congratulate you on your great achievement in manufacturing such instruments.
Virginia Ryan, Indianapolis / USA
Your harp does always impress me as an instrument of very excellent quality. The harp now singing at 440h is truely a pleasure and delight of the finest. I thank god there are still people like yourself who take the time and effort to learn and produce such works of beauty and sound.
Cheryl Pfeil von der Heyde, USA
I thank you for your wonderful craftswork.
Sister Margrit (Baumhöfer), Hamburg / GERMANY
Your harp was very much admired by everyone at the conference. I really like the harp.
Pattie Kelly, Toronto / Canada
Meanwhile I did some concerts with my restored Erard Harp, accompanied by Viola da Gamba and Viola d’Amore.What an amazing instrument compared to the status before your restoration. Didn’t have more fun since a long time.Thank you again for your great work.
Astrid von Brueck, Harpist of the Semper Oper Dresden / GERMANY
The harp is absolutely beautiful. The sound is golden.
Bill Taylor, Arlington / USA
The harp sounds beautiful and it is a pleasance to play it.
Magdalena Barrera-Oro, Barcelona / SPAIN
The harp is a very nice instrument with a fantastic sound. I’m very pleased with it.
I’m shure it is the finest harp money can buy.
Miriam Andersen, Stockholm / SWEDEN
The sound of my new harp is very sonorious and I can tell honestly – I am very happy with the harp.
Malgorzata Zalewska, Warsaw Chamber Opera, Poland
My new harp has a very big sound and its beautiful indeed.
Perla Manfre, Palermo / SIZILIA
I am very very happy with your harp.
Yoshimichi Hamada, Tokyo / JAPAN
I love the harp you built for me. It has a very beautiful sound.
Ger van Dam, Groningen / NETHERLANDS
The harp manufactured by you is the showpiece of our collection. It demonstrates the high capabilities of its builder with respect to handicraft as well as to artistic qualities.
Prof Dr. Fuat Szegin, Institut für Geschichte der islamischen-arabischen Wissenschaften
Frankfurt, GERMANY
I’m thrilled by this instrument. It’s a great gain for our collection. The sound is absolutely convincing, as we had already found in your last harp. With compliments for both wonderful instruments.
Dr. Hansjürgen Holzhausen, Rheinisches Landesmuseum, Bonn / GERMANY
Many greetings from proud harpowner!
Rainer Ullreich, Vienna / AUSTRIA
While daily practicing, I always enjoy the beautiful and dedicate sound of the instrument.
E. Santchi, Liebefeld / SWITZERLAND
I love the sound of your Este Harp. The instrument is beautiful and your craftmanship is exquisite. You did a superb job.
Robert MacLean, Kyoto / JAPAN


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