by Rainer M. Thurau

The conception of ​​the CROMOS is based on my studies in 1979 of the High-Headed Harps of Ireland (eg. Downhill Harp, O’Neill Harp, Sirr Harp etc.) of the 17th century. Construction characteristics and out of this resulting acoustic qualities of those metal-strung harps seemed to me, already in 1979, interesting for a modern modification for a version of a gut strunged harp. Surprisingly no harp workshop has been dealing so far with such a construction method for a modern Irishor Celtic gut strunged harp. However, the cost of this production method is also greater than conventional known construction methods and requires special, costly manu-facturing methods.

In accordance with the priority of my work – the creation of excellent acoustics, beside a noble appearance of the harp , construction reliability and first-rate playability – the development of an extraordinary, brilliant and balanced sound has had absolute priority.

Tonal rangeGG- a”’ (36 Strings)
Pitch440 hz
Stringinggut, carbon, metal
Weight12,5 KG
Hight1,64 meter
Woodcherry, pine
Decorationon request
Semitone-SystemLevers by CAMAC
AccessoriesSoftcase, hardcase (flightcase)
on request
Priceon request