Italy, early 17th century


Reconstruction after the painting „David che suona l’arpa“ of 1619 by the italian painter, architect and harpmaker Domenico Zampieri, called Domenichino, 1581-1641

Dr. Andrew Lawrence-King, Professor for Early Harp, GUERNSEY

“My new big ZAMPIERI is super, fantastic, beyond anything I have ever played or heard. THANK YOU!!! This harp really is another dimension. Small Zampieri was better than any other harp in the world, but the big one is from another planet!”


“In 1981 I discovered a painting at the Palace of Versailles showing King David playing a beautiful baroque harp. The large painting has been made by the roman artist and architect Domenico Zampieri (called Domenichino) in 1619.
I started to study this instrument and did compare it with early harps I have seen already or have already made at my studio. Very fascinated by this harp, I noticed, that the painting shows brillantly tiny details and fascinating realistic measurements which did prove this harp must have been exsting. In fact Zampieri mentioned in a letter to a friend that he did create a new harp. At several drawings and other paintings Zampieri did repeat this model – so this harp must have been his own creation which he also used for his paintings. I decided to make a totally detailled recreation of this harp – while I noticed delightly that since 360 years never ever before anybody has made a recreation of this harp. I also started a study about this harp and its recreation. This study “Aspects of the reconstruction of three-row harps based on Domenichinos ‘David che suona l’arpa’ ” can be found at the book “Historical Harps – Theoretical and practical aspects of historical harps“, published in 1991 by the reknown Scuola Cantorum Basiliensis.” (Rainer M. Thurau)

Tonal range GG – e”’
Pitch 440 hz
on request 415 – 465 hz
Stringing gut
Weight 27,5 pounds
Height 76,5 inches
Wood maple, stained
Other coloring (free)
Decoration Undecorated (Zampieri without angel)
or decorated with gold-plated angel and
4 gold-plated rosets
Accessories Softcase, hardcase (flightcase)
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