Flanders, 15th century


Reconstruction after a miniature (Artist unknown) of Queen Isabella of Spain
(harp decorated with the typical flemish lion). 
(Detail from the history Dives en Lazarus, Brevarium van Isabella Ms. Add. 18851 fol 252, Vlaanderen ca. 1497 (British Library, London)

Additional: Version with coat of arms and family motto of the noble knight DE VAERE


Tonal range c- h’’ respectively c-e’’’
Pitch 440 hz
415 – 465 hz on request
Stringing A choice of carbon or gut
Two versions of numbers of strings:
24 strings(narrow string spacing) or
21 strings (wide string spacing)
Weight 4,6 pounds
Height 43 inches
Wood Maple (also in beech as the low price version)
Special feature This harp will be delivered in different versions:
The basic model is undecorated and without braypins.
On request the following additions/decorations are available:
Braypins, inlays, lions head, other decoration of request. Decorations can be compined
Accessories upholstered (or simple) softbag or/and hardcase
Price on request
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