Venice , Italy 1675


Double-row chromatic harp, copy of the original by Martino Kaiser, violin maker in Venice, 1675, exhibited at the Museum of Musical Instruments Brussels, Belgium. The manufacturer is verified by a makers label inside of the soundbox. (Measurements and studies of the original: Rainer M. Thurau in 2011)

The Harp of Martino Kaiser is an excellent and beautiful example of an Italian Baroque Double Harp. Several parts of the harp are no longer original and have been poorly repaired. Nevertheless, the instrument is still an excellent basis for an exemplary double-row chromatic harp. Interestingly, I noticed that, very obviously already in early times, there has been an unsuccessful attempt to modify this harp into a three-row harp.

The pics show a modified reconstruction of my studio, made on request. The modification is almost unnoticeable and changed this model into a small Triple Harp . However, in details of construction and appearance this copy is identical to the original.

Tonal range C – c”’
Pitch 440 hz
On request 415 – 465 hz
Strings Gut
On request basses C to E in Catsteel (Gut with metal)
Weight 15,8 pounds
Height 1,52 m
Implementation Body, Coloum, neck: maple
Soundboard: Hollowed out pinwood
Stained (dark red-brown) as the priginal
Accessories On request: Softcase, Flightcase
Price On request
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