Italy, 17th/18th century

The chromatic harp CELLINI was developed to satisfy the many wishes of our costumers for a light, small Baroque Triple Harp with the sound and tonal range of a large instrument.The CELLINI is based on the harp design of the Italian 17th and 18th centuries, but is itself a creation of the harpmaker Rainer M. Thurau.

It displays the conjunction of 24 years of experience of making historical harps: a synthesis of the finest craftmanship, intelligent construction, acoustical perfection and a full understanding of Baroque harp design.

The tone and power of this small chromatic harp is unique: An exeptional bass, an incomparably brilliant sound over the whole range and an amazing carrying power make this harp an outstanding Continuo, Ensemble and Solo-instrument.

Baroque decoration on pillar, pedestal and neck of the CELLINI as well as its attractive form make this harp an acoustical and optical work of Art.

The triple harp CELLINI leaves absolutely no wishes open.


Toccata II arpeggiata, Hieronymus Kapsberger

by Hannelore De Vaere plays italien triple harp (Cellini) | The Fellowship

Variations und special Orders of Cellini

Tonal range GG to e ”’
Left row GG to g”
Middle row Cis to d ”’
Right row c to e ”’
Pitch 440 hz on request 415 – 465 hz
Stringing gut (treble: carbon)
String spacing very comfortable (similar to large harps)
Weight 19,2 pounds
Height 62,6 inches
Wood maple (stained) other coloring (free)
Decoration Paintings Rosettes Goldleaf work
Accessories Softcase, hardcase (flightcase)


„….the ‚Cellini’ has done its first concert with Bravour. The sound has been progressing wonderful and I am always thrilled by the ability of tonal carrying and the quality of the sound”
Thomas Zapf („Capella Antiqua Bambergensis”), Spardorf / GERMANY

„The harp is a very well-made, excellent instrument. My warmest thanks also for the good cooperation”
Professor Johannes Degen, College of Art Zurich / SWITZERLAND

„The Cellini ist even more beautiful than I did imagine. I already discovered many different wonderful colours of sound and I feel, that the harp will soon sound even more beautiful. Thousands of thanks !”
Sandrine Maufroy, Paris / FRANCE

I’m travelling a lot with my Cellini – together we open many hearts. This harp is something special and I feel absolutely comfortable with it. I’m very grateful you made this harp for me. I’m looking forward to the new small special Triple Harp for traveling you are making for me.
Arianna Savall, Bellaterra/Barcelona/ SPAIN

Just a few words to tell you how happy I am with my new Cellini Harp. I appreciate day after day the quality of your instrument. Especially I enjoy the sonority which is exceptional, loud, clear and warm. Furthermore, my harp is so pleasant for looking at that sometimes it is not necessary to play but just be happy about it.
Matgorzata Stankiewicz-Verhoeven, Bruxelles / BELGIUM

“I just got the Cellini and it is beautiful aesthetically. But it sounds even more beautiful beyond description, My apartment has carpet in the rooms, and I can *still* feel the vibration on the floor underneath the carpet from the lower strings. Thank you Rainer, it has been worth the wait. None of my other instruments sound remotely close to what this harp can achieve: It is better than all four of my harpsichords, two clavichords and the portativ combined! I have never been so excited about an instrument before….”
Vincent Ho, Oakland / USA

“I am very happy with the CELLINI: now I did my first”tour” on it and it sounds great. I played in several big churches and concerthalls and the harps sounds so clear, it surpasses the orchestra, even sometimes in forte’s! But I can also play double pp on it and you can hear it in the most far off corner in a wonderfull warm whisper…
I’m delighted with it !!”
Hannelore Deveare, Den Haag / BELGIUM

“The CELLINI arrived in perfect condition in Japan. It sounds so bright. String spacing is also comfortable. Thank you very much for your excellent work.”
Megumi MANO, Tokyo / JAPAN

“The harp is wonderful and has been tried out by Andrew Lawrence-King, who liked the sound very much. It will make its debut in a production of the Spanish opera, La Purpura de la Rosa in February and March, directed by Andrew Lawrence-King. The sound is wonderfully resonant and crystal clear, and it is also the most elegant Baroque harp I have ever seen. As you know, I fell in love with it instantly! I am enormously happy with the harp, it’s perfect.”
Sarah Ridy, West-Yorkshire / ENGLAND

“I am very happy with my new harp. Its very nice and very comfortable.
I love playing my the ‘Cellini’.”
Eva Rivera Fraga, Paris / FRANCE

“My new Cellini is absolutely wonderful. The sound is amazing. I’m very happy that I have a small baroque harp now but with the power of a big harp.
Believe it or not: I like to order a second Cellini ! I travel a lot between Tokyo and Europe. If I have one harp at Basel and one at Tokyo I avoid a lot of trouble with airlines. Thank you again for this great instrument. I’m so happy with this harp as with all the other harps you made for me.”
Marie Nishiyama, Tokyo / JAPAN and Basel / SWITZERLAND

Also my second Cellini is very fine. It arrived in Japan without problems. The sound is amazing,.it’s incredible that it already sounds that great even just new. Balance is perfect as well! A lot of people were very surprised about the beauty of the sound.
Marie Nishiyama, Tokyo / JAPAN

“The Cellini is a fantastic instrument – can’t get my hands of it, nearly playing restless !
Thank you for this superb instrument”
Riccardo Delfino, Stuttgart / GERMANY

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