Arpa da Viaggio


Italy, 17th century


Creation of the harpmaker Rainer M. Thurau (created in 2003)


Very small italian triple harp for easy world wide traveling.

This chromatic harp italian style was developed on request of costumers, who always have been looking for an extra small but well-sounding triple harp for traveling without any problems at aeroplanes. Due to its size this model is also an excellent student harp for young beginners of triple harps.

Construction, design and sound of the ARPA DA VIAGGIO bases on the creation of harpmaker Thurau’s CELLINI (to be seen at this website). Although this harp has been created by harpmaker Thurau to satisfy modern demands by todays harpists it is proved that also in the baroque period very small three row chromatic harps did exist.

Even the ARPA DA VIAGGIO is much smaller as any other italian triple harp the tonal quality and the carrying power of this really small triple harp is amazing. Possibly the smallest triple harp existing
worldwide, the ARPA DA VIAGGIO offers also comprehensive possibilities for concert performance with a tonal range from C to e”’.

Tonal range C – e”’
Left row C – g”
Middle row Fis – dis”’
Right row c – e”’
Pitch 440 hz
on request 415 – 465 hz
Stringing gut / carbon
String spacing normally
Weight 14,8 pounds
Height 56 inches
Wood maple, cherry, pine
other coloring (free)
Decoration beautiful profil (forepillar)
profiled baseboard
Accessories Softcase, hardcase (flightcase)


Arianna Savall mit Viaggio


Please notice the really small size of this new model with a perfect tonal range for baroque music.
Even the harp is small compared to usual italian triple harps it’s producing a strong and unbelievable carrying sound.

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