The Fellowship

This recording is fruit of a long, intense collaboration and friendship between a harpmaker and a harpist. We wanted to present a collection of renaissance and baroque multi-row harps to a broad audience, showing the possibilities of these wonderful, versatile instruments. In order to achieve this, we decided to present each harp both as a solo instrument and in combination with other players.

It seemed important to show that the music that can be played on these instruments is not necessarily limited to the historically correct period performances one could expect from a specialized performer and a serious harp maker. We wanted to go one step further and suggest the possibility of using these instruments in contemporary or non-classical music. It is within this spirit that the unexpected version of UNE JEUNE FILLETTE, as well as the TROIS GNOSSIENNES, should be understood.

As a title, FELLOWSHIP refers to the roads in life that we walk together as musicians, instrument makers, audiences, technicians and the like. Occasional encounters often lead to friendships, at times only for a brief moment, sometimes for life.


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