Concert Harps Itīs the details which make a first class instrument. The compass of our concertharps ranges from 7. Octave C to 0. Octave G. All models possess an enlarged soundboard.

Early Harps Concept This description sets out the fundamental principles underlying Rainer M. Thurau"s understanding of the modern-day making of early harps - as innovative reconstruction, but also new creativity, bas...

Collection of Early Harps

Folk Harps German Hook Harp and Fianna Art

Medieval Lyres Early Medieval Lyres by Rainer M. Thurau An Alamannic Lyre, a highly interesting and important document of the history of music, has been discovered - so far as is known the first time ever - in 1...

Special Orders ..."I just got the Cellini and it is beautiful aesthetically. But it sounds even more beautiful beyond description, My apartment has carpet in the rooms, and I can *still* feel the vibration on the floor

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